Behind the scences!!!

I have been working on this blog a lot behind the scenes. I don’t want to unleash the explosion of emotinoal lava until I feel that it is ready to erupt. I’m trying to get everything I need on to my computer (that keeps shutting off randomly!). Also, I’m trying to figure out what is BLOG material and what is BOOK material. I have a lot of two or three part-ers that I could expose a preview of and if you enjoy what you read, you can help me publish my book by donation whatever you would like. I want to publish this entirely on my own. So that being said, please get in touch with me on how to help me out what the funds to complete my book.

I am also trying to figure out this whole “WordPress” nonsense. I’m pretty sure I have a grip on it now but it is still playing game with me. I am playing around with the currently journal entries, like with the pictures and such. Keep checking back daily because I do work on this almost every day. Jessica is starting to get annoyed! 😉 Love you baby!

Thanks all!
Your awesomeness,


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