Alright folks…

This blog has turned cold, and I greatly apologize for that. My world is getting harder and harder to maintain any type of consistency. I want to start posting again. I still have journal entries I haven’t finished. I know you all are probably thinking “well, this is typical. Always starts something without finishing it!” … And given my past, I’m almost in agreement with you.

But my book idea has officially sunk in. I will follow the steps of Shel Silverstein, just not funny. It will be a compilation of all my writings from as far back as I can find. I did lose a lot and it really bothers me, but some of it was backed up on discs so I didn’t lose much. I still want to keep posting some of my works, but obviously, I don’t want to reveal all of them, otherwise, why would you buy my book??? (sneaky sneaky!)

So please, stay posted. I am really going to try and put forth more effort – not just for me- but for you. I have a following that I don’t want to disappoint. Be patient and you will be happy with what you get.

Thanks all!


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