Freestylin’ Em

I just turned Slaughter House to a quintet

began to transet

murdered a friends pet

made shit as ill as it can get

when in depth

like a fucking vingette

two bars

skins wet

im already covered in sweat

and i wasnt even ready to come in yet


lemme set this drink down

beat up a gal

start beef with a pal

probably be wiling

till im wrinkled and senial

them rap god was a freeestylke off the top of the dome piece while i was alseep on the couch

and im freestyling now

i need a towel

sweat leaks from my brow

its burning my eyes

my cerebral is foul

cuz shit im thinking about

should be illegal

i need my head banned

like the guy to left cleavand ohio and went to south beach with his talents

screamed fuck you on the way out

and winked with a smile

this whole game can eat a dick

im going back deep underground

but right now

im back on that bullshit

and you im singling out

cuz you’re so fucking outdated

you should mingle a while

what the fuck is this cluster fuck of busters

buch of busta douglases

motha fuckers is one hit wonders

one swing and your crowned

knock one out the park

one catchy jingle and now

you think youre fucking with me

cuz you sold like 300 thow

bitch i can jump

without my feet ever leaving the ground

reach up from swing from the clouds

with 3000 people around

evil and vile enough to leap into the crowd

and heave a child in a sink hole

on cinco de mio

whbile im sprinked in peco da go

mardi gras beads and a towel


i dont know much spanish

im not bilingual

but i’ll show you a mexican standoff

vetween just these two amigos

cuz neither really wants to say what we’re thinking outloud

but i sure as fuck think i know how to read body english

no doubt

cuz we’re trying to kill eachother

but lyrical

fuck is humility

what is a real mc?


he came up in this shit with me

never spit that hustler shit

it wasn’t a fit for me

let them adjust till they just get the jist of me

just not giving a fuck and

plus with a history of musclar distrophy

it wasnt a mustery while this middle finger

was stuck in this upward positioning

so what in the fuck is a list to me

im used to not being on it

i expect it out em

heck wit em

i get my respect without em

aint really been into diamonds since i put my first record out

but i can put a chain around my second album

and where it as a neck medalion

became a millionare

went down hill from there

became civil

office swivel chair

sterling silverware

screaming life is still unfair

till i get a real career

fuck am i gonna do until then

this job is too fullfilling

two cajillioion pairs of supervillian shoes to fill in

the mood to kill till i plow my coupe de ville into some children at the food pavilion at build a bear


warriors minem(?)

pour hydra quarter in four of you

when ya in the drug emporium line???

im soaring

im pouring vicadon four at a time

ignoring the warning signs

n i go four wheeling riding

gory and violent


you surely wont find no one

and more important(?) than I am

with this vitality rhyming

for glloria stinum

but i finger her like a witness

show me a lineup

i usually am abdsive

but exscuse me ma’am

i guess must have took you for a loop like toucan sam

when i said i could use a sample

cuz yous a tramp

but look how you react to this trigger like

when i call you a bigger dike than the hoover dam

you’re playinbg right into lex luthers hand

its such a ruthless plan

might even lose a fan

but fuck it

superman wouldnt change in a phone booth for stan

im a brand new being

like grand pupas band

happy as anderson cooper

having a tuba cramed in his poopa with lubricant


thats too..

i cant.


since honesty’s the best policy

i’ll give it the ole college try

try to acknowledge my mistakes

probably wont qualify

as a gentleman and scholar

but it times that i swallow pride and say that im sorry

sorry i cant apoligize

i think of all the times

i comprimised

my bottom lines

and thoughta rhymes

that saudmizie

your daighters minds

and then im like

dollar signs


but i may fight for gay rights

specially if a dike

is more of a knock out than janey rice

play nice

bitch i’ll bunch lana del ray right in the face twice

like ray rice

in broad day light

in plain sight of the elevator surveliance

till her head is banged on the railing

then celebrate with the ravens

never date an assailant who self medicates with inhalents

id meditate but i may need a better way to escape the agression, rage and the anger

cuz legs retsraints on the ankles

heavy weights in an anchor

and handcuffs in chains

just aint enough to contain it

but id still get the same respect as J

if i came on

stage in a fucking neglijay evreyday

in liz claiborn


devestated from breakup with kate hudson

wait slut, your friends, what are they gonna say

cuz makeup aint gonna cover that eye thats 7/8th the way shut

peppered spray with your face cut

made my bank like lay up

off these effing skanks on the way up

oh bitch thinks she heaven sent

its evident

that she aint never been with 7 inches

yes i said 7, i measure it

7 inchses from the floor

while im standing on the 4th floor balcony at the sheraton while im streating it

bitch ima pimp

so a limp dicks all you ever get

so if shes hesitant to get the hint

i betcha that i get the message sent that who shes messin with


when i tell a chick not to ever use sex as a weapon

when i step in to beat the reteched wench with a crescent wrench

existentional detriment to a lesbian devil

and the unpleasant stench of the estrogen level

a separtists like a chestiest(?) rebel


impressed with this


with his lips pressed up against the edge of this red bull


pedal to the metal

im rupping this shit

cuz right away

ill give it to a bitch

like a pedestrian as deadly as ever


see what kind of affect she has

on the opposite sex

when i push a flex

a little sexy ass

through a plate of plexi glass

shady X V as perplexing as

the last 15 years

and im predicting my next relapse

when i spit these lyrics

so dont look at me weird

when i start shifting gears

and shit resmears

all over britney spears

and these little disney queers

who use chicks for beards


oh, in the shady 2.0

we wrote it in roman numerals

like they do for the superbowls

cuz its supposed to confuse you hoes

flows lose you as usual

so juvineal

two year old

when i go to the studio

its only music but dont be foolish tho

you dont know me through it hoe

but you can blow me to it though

in my homies buick

been known to lose it though

so if i over do it

you drove me to it

when i step in the vocal booth

like im supposed to do

and murder you on a fucking track like tony stuart

in one take

if i fuck up and i dont redo it

you couldnt sound grown on a beat if you were moaning to it

the day i dont say fuck you all

you can throw me through it


rootiest tootinest shootest from the hip

with the setiments

eminem is the —– for the women

im an enemy to them

and the epidomy of a nicorsette of an idiiot


equivilent to the clamintia

they’re trying to get rid of me



but i stigity stand

for the figity flag

of the united states in freedom that i distribute these raps through

and if i catch you doing anything hindering

or prohibiting that after i give me the tatoo of your lips on my ass

ima be literally picking up and deliberatly whipping the stature of liberty at you











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