Déjà’s Stay With Auntie and Jé

Hi! My name is Déjà and my Jé was nice enough to take care of me for a few days while my Mommy went on a trip to Hummarock Beach with my Daddy, my brother and my baby brother. I love spending time with my Jé but I have gotten used to living up in the glorious acres of greens in New Hampshire.

Auntie Jessica is allergic to dogs and cats, so one of the stipulations of my stay was that I was not allowed on the couch. I wasn’t allowed on any of the beds either… :/ But that didn’t stop me from being as close to that couch as I could when my Jé was sitting on the couch.

Jé sitting comfy on the couch.

Jé was still being silly and wanted to play with me! 🙂

After we were done playing, my Jé took me for my long awaited walk! We walked all the way from the house through the Beverly commons and down to the Dane St. Beach. We found a small private area where I was unable to run free!

I felt, quite frankly, amazed to be at such a peaceful, natural place. It was the closest I had felt to home since I arrived in Beverly late Wednesday night, and I was so far away from home. It felt like I could be what every dog dreams of being!…

A Show Dog.

My Jé felt pretty great too. “Pure happiness.” -Jé


On our walk home, we discovered even more beautiful features this wonderful city of Beverly, MA. has to offer on such an inspirational day, the 4th of July, 2014. And why my Jé is so happy to be here.

Past meets present.

From a different perspective.


Central Fire Station

Happy 4th of July.


We went for a ride to pick up Jessica from work and I was so happy to let the wind flow through my ears as I sniff everything in sight!

I was happy to come home and play in the backyard with my Jé and a stick. (I loooooove sticks!!!!!)

A stick with Déjà.

A stick with Déjà.

A stick with Déjà.

The next morning, we drove Jessica to work and made a quick stop at Leslie’s Retreat Salem Dog Park. We passed a delicious bakery along the way that literally made me drool! 😛

Gourmet Doggie Bakery...


Leslie's Retreat


But all work and no play, make my Jê and me have a dull day!
We did all of this laundry…
And by the end of it, I was exhausted!

We picked Jessica up from work and went to visit her family in Saugus. I wasn’t allowed in the house because Sid the Cat lives there and he wasn’t even happy that I was on his porch, let alone his house!- even though I was out in the rain!!! Jessica had decided that I was going to spend some time in the garage. I didn’t want to be away from my Jé but they left the door open so I could at least see into the house and now, I wouldn’t get wet. It was only an hour but it felt like an eternity to me! My anxiety shot through the roof!!! By the time we got home, I was so tired. I took a nap and my Jé said that I looked like I really missed my family. And I did.
And it felt like my family really missed me too.

Today was game day…
Which meant, for me, it was home day!

Home to my land!.. land I can run on so poetically! I feel free! And comfortable. 🙂

I’m very happy and comfortable in my home.

I knew my family was coming home soon so we had a small interview before they came home.

Once they came home, I was very excited!

Our last moments together before Je took Trevor for a visit to her house.




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