Family Beach Day

It was the first officialy beach day of the summer for Jessica, the kids and I. June 29, 2014. A day at the beach like no other!

After getting sunscreened up and setting up the blanket and hiding all the food, so we didnt have an incident like we did last year, here at Nahant Beach with some nameless seagulls. (This story already exists… I just need to dig for it. Stay tuned! …!)- we decided to head to the water.


The water was cold and the kids didnt want to wear their vest and go swimming. So we did a little bit of clam digging, and then headed back to the blanket for a snack. After we fed our minds, we had decided that we were going to make our first family sandcastle. And this sandcastle was going to be THE castle of the beach! This was going to be one badass sandcastle. And it was.

So badass… that you can sit down and have a snack in it and Momzilla is your defense system!


Love blossomed as the sun beat down!


The kids started to play and I went back to work.


All the while… the kids are being their normal crazy selves.

Despite the fact that we all got a sunburn, I still think got the best sunburn ever!

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