Florida 2015

On May 14, 2015, Jessica, the kids and I decided to embark on a new adventure. We were up and out early heading to Logan Airport for our 7:30am flight to Orlando Florida. Once inside the airport, after the bags were checked and we found our gate, the excitement started to kick in more for everyone. The kids had never been on a plane before (at least, not one that was remembered) so they were looking out the windows at all the planes taxing around the runways.

Being on a plane is exciting. I hadn’t been on a place in close to ten years. I got the pleasure of sharing the take off with Aiden, while Jessica and Kaylee were able to look out the other side. We didn’t have the window seat but the people we sat next to were nice enough to let the kids peak out as we took off. I forgot what it was like to take off and when it happened, my stomach turned in that queasy, yet enjoyable, feeling that instantly makes you smile.

Three hours later, we arrive in Orlando. Exit the plane. Grab the bags. Find the rental car. Drive to the hotel. Oh wait? What does that say?…

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