Independence Day 2014 – Part II

(give this page some time to load. There are a bunch of videos)

Here are the pictures from the “4th” of July celebration, which was actually Sunday the 6th.

Trevor took me on my first ride ever on his four wheeler and then let me ride it myself. We tried to get the pirate kite going, but we didn’t have much luck. Lil’A was riding his “four-wheeler” too!

Trev wanted to show me his jump he made. It took him a few times but then he finally got the jump he wanted…

And then he finally did what he was trying to do…

Trev wanted to show me everything he could. He loved it and so did I!

Lil’A was having fun too.

Showing off….

I finally hopped on the four wheeler with my boy and was a little scared… kinda hard to trust a 12 year old lol, even if he IS my best friend!

We tried to get the flag (kite) up… tried being the operative word!

And then! I finally got to ride it myself. Took me a few to get the shifting down and some pointers from Trevor but then I was unstoppable!


This is Trevor’s trail he made (It’s kinda hard to hold an iPhone while trying not to fall off the vehicle so deal with the fact that its a bad video lol)


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