Independence Day 2014 – Part III

After we finished messing around up north, we took both Montes boys and headed south.

We got back home and we got ready to go to the Lynn 4th Fireworks celebration. We headed to meet up with Mandy and Jayce. I was a little amped up on the ride… Eminem’s “Rap God” is pretty much the theme song to this gallery.


We dropped off Jessica, Big and Lil A and Kaylee and Trev and I went to grab cousin Sam.

Uncle Danny made a 4th of July appearance!

Once we were all ready in our most patriotic attire, we drove down the street a little ways and then walked the rest of the way.

I brought face paint and once we got to the beach, we whipped it out and started painting everyone’s faces. As soon as I finished, we had our glow necklaces on and we were ready for the fireworks display!

Once the crowds started to disperse, we made the trek back to the car.

Before we ended our night, Mandy had a surprise for the kids!

This Independence Day weekend long celebration was, by-far, the most fun I have ever had as an adult. Thank you all for allowing this to transpire.

IMG_1927 (2)

And this concludes this journal entry. Thanks for reading!

IMG_1977 (2)

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