Independence Day 2014 – Part I

With Hurricane Arthur rumble bumbling… All of our original Independence Day celebrations had gone askew. We still stayed down in MA. until Saturday morning and then we returned Déjà after her stay with her Auntie and Jé. We had no plans on Saturday night so we decided that after such a victorious win by the Dutch (#becausefutbol) we would celebrate by going to Portsmouth, NH.

We parked at the local school and walked with the crowd towards who knew what! We were looking for a bathroom and something to eat and drink. Once we arrived at the end of the street that everyone else was headed down, we were met by copious amounts of people who were all waiting for the fireworks display. They were all camped out at the baseball field with the lights on and a DJ blaring music. However, there was no food or restrooms. So we continued our adventure.

The fireworks were going to be shot off in the middle of the lake so where ever you are sitting or standing around the lake, you would be able to see it. We had some time to spare so we continued our search for the basic survival needs.

We walked around the lake and enjoyed the beautiful sunset over the lake and took in all the good vibes that were thrown around from everyone around us. Suddenly, we found a bathroom and then… like a beacon calling to us…


We had never been more excited to see an ice cream truck! We scrounged up all of our money to buy a Pepsi and two chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches and let me tell you! These were THE best ice cream sandwiches IN this world! … or at least at that exact moment! We still hadn’t decided where we were going to setup camp so we started walking around the lake, back towards the baseball field. All of a sudden, BOOM! The fireworks display had begun!!! We just stopped where we were and watched a beautiful scene take place in front of us.

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Once the fireworks display had come to an end, we headed back towards the car… and so was everyone else. We didn’t rush through the crowd, but instead, continued to enjoy the positive vibes that were around us.

IMG_1720We continued to enjoy each others company.

I attempted to take a panorama picture with my iPhone…


 Deep in the dark, we found some swings. So we decided to swing!

And then we walked back to the car.


To sit in this…


But at least the Universe was on board.

IMG_1746And then I was just having fun… 🙂


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