The Kid Who’s Living Through A Divorce

Parents are the people that care.
They are the people who tell you to share.
They are the ones that pick you up when you fall.
And they won’t let you yell at them at all.
But what do you do when one of them is gone?
Are all of those things turned over to your mom?
That’s not supposed to happen. They are supposed to stay the same.
But sometimes, they don’t. But who is blame?
Is it your dad? Is it your mom?
Could it possibly be that mean old Uncle Tom?
Whoever it is, let it not be you.
That’s probably the worst thing you could do.
When things are at their worst, you try to find the best.
But believe me, you will always be put to the test.
You could be spending very little time with one,
But still be having so much fun.
Then you go home to the other,
But wish you could spend more time with your mother.
This is the life of a kid in a divorce.
No matter what they do, things always seem to get worse.
Your mom gets mad at you because of the things your dad does.
They he wonders why she does the things so does.
You keep all your feelings up inside,
And always feel like you want to run away and hide.
But don’t do that. Let them out.
Whether it be on paper like this or in a shout.
But don’t keep them inside for long,
Because you’ll never know where you belong.
I know it sounds weird, but give it a try.
Then see how much you want to cry.
My mind is running through good and bad times.
All I’m doing is writing what comes to mind.
When you live a life like that,
It makes you want to go back.
Back to past.
When you guys, as a family, had a blast.
But there is one thing that sucks – you can’t.
“There is always tomorrow” you say, but you still can’t.
No matter where you think or what you do,
You’ll always know that what happens today is the only things that is true.
Don’t believe what either of them say.
Just take it day by day.
Believe what you want. It’s your choice.
Because you are the kid that’s living through a divorce.
He says that he loves you but she says it’s a lie,
Then all of a sudden, you begin to cry.
You yell at her and tell her that she’s not right.
But all she does is cry and say “Yeah right.”
Sometimes you want to live with him.
But some things he does, puts you out on a limb.
The same thing goes for her and her lies too.
But there is absolutely nothing you can do.
What are you going to do? Live in a box?
No, you’re going to run upstairs and close the door that locks.
You’re always confused and don’t know what to do.
But remember this one thing- THEY CAN’T CONTROL YOU!

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