The Universe’s Fuel

Part I – 5/23/2014 – Baldpate Hospital, Georgetown, MA.

People keep asking me what I want?
What do I want?
I want to die.
Is that so bad?
Why can’t I just do it?
What’s stopping me?
To be honest…
I don’t know what’s stopping me.
Something wants me here.
But to do what?
What good can I possibly contribute to this missed up world?
It feels like
The demon in me is dying
But it is strongest in its dormant state.
And when it finally makes its way to the surface…
An eruption of emotional lava
Spewing all over the place
Covering all areas of my world
And the ashes that remain
Blow gracefully through the sky
Falling on my, now, broken world.
But what I need to do
Is look through that world
And find that one bright spot.
The one plant that is growing through the red.
And it buds so perfectly.
That plant is the good inside
Begging to be seen, fed and taken care of.
That plant is proving its strength
Amongst its dying world.
It’s vibrant leaves emerge
And begin to provide a broken world
With what it needs to survive.
I need to find that plant
So I can start to fix this broken world.
The plans are drawn.
The construction crew is ready to lay the foundation.
The problem?
The mayor is too scared to rebuild
For fear of another demonic eruption.
The city planner turns to him and says,
“There will always be a reason not to rebuild.
You still need to find the key to the city and unlock it.
Unlock these doors so we can see what we are working with.
And I assure you, my good sir,
Things are not as bad as they seem.”


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