What Is A Pampa?


What is a Pampa?

A Pampa is a man, a great man. He is someone who can make you smile and is always willing to help in any way possible.

A Pampa is a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather, a brother, a son, and an uncle.

A Pampa is a survivor .. a lucky soldier with instincts that can not be ignored. He is a former Meals on Wheels delivery driver and Post Office worker!

A Pampa is stubborn “ahhhhh!” and a dog lover. He is a French teacher… a ride home from school… a “driving instructor.”

A Pampa likes to “fill it Super and check the oil!” when he tells Rich to “squeeeeeeze it in”

A Pampa is someone you run to with your report card because you got all A’s and you know that’s worth at least $10 and he is someone who knows to run away when his wife starts yelling and kicking him, but still manages to laugh through it.

A Pampa is a one of a kind diamond in a the rough. He is a cereal eating, Whiskey Sour drinking, guitar strumming, Candlepin Bowling watching, lottery playing fool that is one half of an amazing couple who were lucky enough to create such a wonderful, loving and generous family.

In this world, we only knew one Pampa … Our Pampa! And today is the today we celebrate that.

I love you Pampa.

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